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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  May 31, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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settings. you'll see them as well. well, it wouldn't be a tribute to chuck without the music. no one man could own the genre. he was the founding father of the whole music scene. today, the who's who of the go go artists, many of whom drew inspirations from chuck paying tribute in the only way operate through song. come on. ♪ [ music ] and tell me what's wrong with
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this. come on, one more time. come on, anybody. come on. >> throw your hands in the air. wave them in the atmosphere. if you know who is up. ♪ somebody jump and say oh yeah. ♪ ♪ oh yeah ♪ oh yeah ♪ jump, jump, jump
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♪ i acted on my life. ♪ ♪ with a dozen people watching ♪ ♪ we're not alone now. ♪ singing a song ♪ it's so hard ♪ to say good-bye ♪theyed told me the thing ♪ it ain't got the go go
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swing ♪ ♪ [ music ] it truly makes you wish that you were there. that's what we're doing, it's the next bad thing. >> as you know they stretched well beyond the music. as d.c.'s most prominent tribute. calling for the permanent memorial to the god father of go go. >> on behalf of the entire council of columbia, we love chuck and to the family, we don't love chuck because it is just go go music. but we love chuck because chuck
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brown, he was loved. and we love chuck brown because chuck brown, he was family. and we love chuck because chuck, he did everything that he could for d.c. >> and when you come behind, you know, you'll see that chuck was the go go. and go go to like washington, d.c. and like jazz is to the new orleans. like country music is to nashville, tennessee. but he's the god father of go go. and today we'll stand here for the entire council in addition to columbia to say thank you to the families for sharing a wonderful man. i know it was hard and difficult, but you shared it with so many people. and he made d.c. what they are today. >> there are so many things that people say are the nation's capital. let me tell you it may be the nation's capital, but go go is the district of columbia's
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music, thanks to chuck brown. >> and so many people, they have come out today, but don't you think we need to find a way to remember him forever? his music will be here forever, but we need to find a way to remember him forever. and so council members, mr. chairman, in just a few days, i'm going to send over a piece of legislation to the council. and to name a park and a district of columbia for chuck brown. [ cheering ] you know, it will be a place just like chuck, a place where there is action, a place where there are people, a place where it will be the sound of the city. >> you can go to the cemetery
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and you look at the headstone. there are three things there. the day you were born and the year he died. and a dash in between. chuck asked himself, you know, what i asked you. what kind of dash are you going to have on life? what kind of dash are you going to live in life? are you going to live a selfish dash? or are you going to help a dash? and a given dash or a taken dash. chuck brown, he had a great dash in me and a great dash. with his music, his humanity, my question to you. what kind of dash are you going to have in memory of chuck brown? >> of course, political leaders are one thing, but the most moving part of today's service came from those who knew chuck brown the best, his family.
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and before thrones of his family and thrones to people, they knew him as simply dad. >> we all know you know our father for who he was, the god father of go go, but at the end of the day, he was our dad. that's what we called him. i don't care how old i will ever get, we will always be his babies and we always called him daddy. i'm a grown man, my wife will tell you, my friends and all them will tell you, all our friends will tell you, it's daddy. they don't care who was around every day, it was never a day that went by that he did not tell us that he loved us. never a day that went by that he didn't tell us that he loved
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us and would hug us. and give us a kiss no matter who is around, none of that. you know my father was genuine, he loved everybody. >> the main thing that i learned from my father, he told me, find whatever you do, make sure you put your heart into it. and make sure that everything i do, everything that i'm passionate about, i'm put my heart into it and because he put his heart into music and into the city. into everybody that he has ever encountered. he gave them words of encouragement and they carried that with them for the rest of their lives. my mama carried with me for the rest of my life, my father always preached to us, do it big tomorrow. do it or don't do it at all. >> i love you all for calling him chuck baby, you all call him chuck baby, but we are chuck's babies. he was the real father. from the bottom, all the way to
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the top. he was still always humbled and he always loved us, showing us the love. and i just want you all, you all have your mothers and father, tell them every day that you love them because tomorrow is not promised to nobody. i'm not holier, i'm no angel, but you need to get on your knees and thank god that you're even here today. and because he's the reason why we're in this room. he's the reason why we have our father for 75 years, even 75, you know, he's standing walking, looking like he is 55, but he was 75, but you would never know. my father was in so much pain in his last show, but he loved you all so much that he performed. you didn't even know what kind of pain he was in, but god had him and he told me, baby, don't cry for me. don't cry. because daddy lived a good life.
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>> up next on this special edition of 9news now at 7:00, one of the most prominent music producer talks to us to join us about the legacy left behind the god father of go go. our special tribute to chuck brown continues in just a couple of minutes. ♪[ music ]
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i want to dedicate this to the family. i would being wrong if i -- i would be wrong if i didn't sing this to you right now. ♪ [ music ] >> that is some powerful stuff. that's the gospel and music producer with the special performance called be encouraged with truck brown's family as you just saw. he has worked with a lot of folks from all of them.
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and he will be here with us right now, live to talk about today's service and what he meant to them and the world of music and first of all, thank you so much. >> yes. >> just a great job today at the service. rarely is it pulled off that way, but you did it. >> it was amazing. the people that came to support their family. it was awesome. we were just glad to be there, you know, really. it was more of a service, just coming in embracing one another. you know, just showing love. i just couldn't believe it. >> yes, very wonderful and emotional. you can see it. even through your tv screen. but you need to thank it. it was not just the chuck brown starting the genre that made people so emotional about the passing. what is it about chuck that made him chuck brown? >> his love and his dedication
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to the music. he was someone that, you know, man, he took it seriously. he would look for them here. no one is bigger than, you know, the music. no one is bigger than the sound. and he never looked at anybody small. you were always on the same level. >> yes, he treated you like a trend. >> and you're a gospel guy. they would say wait a minute. not the most reputation for you here. how would the two things sit together? >> well, that's the thing about it. it's music. it's the sound. what the term is all about, you know, what you pretty much say in the lyrics. you know, you have churches now that have embraced the music in their praise and worship. and you know, even though that he always said that go go meant
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that, you know, it could be going on for you and on and on and that's what he said. he would always take the other people's lyrics from the gospels to the hip hop and place it in their sounds. >> sure. oh, they are getting the love now that you wouldn't get in life. >> absolutely not. i mean, i remember booking them for the foundation show. and in the city, man. it was like, you know, i would hear the people tell their story and it was like a groupie. i mean, you were coming towards her. you were killing me, you know? but i mean man, he got love everywhere i went. i have never seen them without that packed house. >> all right, what about the legacy? a lot of people are talking about the music as a big part of that, but is there more? >> you know what, i it hi so.
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he honestly loved his family, his daughters. i will never forget a few months back when you were talking and they were telling us about the kids and the son who played football. i mean he loved his family, really. that's the legacy. >> it is so nice to have you here to share with us and understand them just a little bit better today. >> all right, thank you. still to come, a final farewell to the god father of go go. we can tell you how you can share your memories. our special tribute to chuck brown will be right back in just a moment.
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all right, we have declared tomorrow a severe weather alert day. we're okay tonight. it looks like a dry morning commute with the critical times tomorrow of 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. some storms could be heavy and severe. here is the deal. by the morning, it is just about 7:30. just some clouds so a dry commute. the warm front will push on through by noontime. but the main event will be gathering strength back in the west. that's where the cold front will be. as we get into this time tomorrow and thunderstorms are moving on through much of the metro area. some of which will be heavy and some of which will be severe. we'll certainly keep you posted. for tonight, clear skies early. comfortable again. 58 to 68. tomorrow again, a slight chance
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of a shower for you in the morning. late in the morning, 60s and 70s. but a dry morning commute and by the afternoon, well, breezy and warm with showers and storms. some could be heavy and severe, so still warm. the next seven days. after we get through tomorrow. great on saturday. 76. and some showers will be possible after that on sunday and monday and tuesday and thursday. cooler as we get into wednesday, thursday. nothing severe. no washouts. but kind of unsettled for you next week and a little bit cooler. again, severe weather alert day on friday for you. the tribute to chuck brown will continue after this. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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well, it felt like maybe we're all crying out. and then when my boy picked me up this morning as i walked to his car, i just lost it again out of nowhere, you know, because i knew where the ride was taking me. and i'm glad that the ride has taken me here because this is where we all needed to be today. you know, i mean, i just feel better now, you know? and just, well, this has been such a great celebration. >> a great celebration with no tears tonight. but as we finish up the special edition of 9news now at 7:00, i have to know, i was lucky enough to introduce chuck brown in the last couple of years, performing down at the safeway
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barbecue battle in d.c. i got to sit around them in the trailer beforehand. we just chatted. now, having to listen to the music at the age of 12 when he was the soul searchers. of course, i'm a little star truck with a whole lot of questions. but he was gracious and just so humbled and friendly. he made you comfortable. the next thing that i knew, he was out behind the stage, chatting up a few dozen fans who had gathered there, hoping for a glimpse of the god father of go go. then when he got on stage, you know, that's when i understood it. keeping them going so strong at 77 something years old. and he just loved what he was doing. he loved that we loved it so much. man. chuck brown, now, we'll miss you. but what a magnificent ride and what a legacy. the public memorial for chuck brown will be about done. but you can post your own tributes to the special facebook page. just search the god father of go go. you can also share your pictures, check out our photo galleries on
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and that wraps up our special tribute for you and to chuck brown and i will be right back here at 11:00 tonight along with anita brikman and topper shutt. we'll lev you with more from the go go -- we'll leave you more from the go go community. bye. ♪[ music ] >> wind me up, chuck! ♪ [ music ] ♪[ music ]
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